The Wilder West is a panoramic illustration of the hot deserts of North America inspired by Alebrijes artforms.


Enhanced with glow-in-the-dark ink, it invites the reader to simulate daytime and night-time conditions and discover the diurnal and nocturnal behaviour of the indigenous wildlife. A glossary providing fascinating facts about each of the 50 identifiable species is located on the reverse side.


The concertina structure was chosen to make the transition between light and dark seamless for the reader. Observing the illustrations in this format eliminates the need for specific charging time for the glow-in-the-dark ink that can sometimes affect the reader’s experience.


Concertina measurements: 1980x270mm with nine folds.




Pink background with neon party lines across it

Word Picnic is a game designed to offer a group of up to four children the opportunity to improve their communication skills when learning a second language. Working outside the conventions of a formal text book it invites children and teachers to experiment with role play and enjoy some competition.


The setting chosen for the game Word Picnic resulted from an investigation into culture and learning through playing. With food being a key component of culture and the outdoors offering a number of games for all age groups, the theme of the picnic naturally evolved as the subject of the story. The illustrations maintain the theme of being one step removed from reality which follows from the playfulness of eating outside the home.


The game comprises 150 individual pieces using paper, wood, acrylic and felt. The instruction book is a fully illustrated guide to the game including sections on the theory behind the game, history of board games and examples.


Limited edition of ten.



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Pink background with neon party lines across it

Pink background with neon party lines across it